Bhashyam Brooks

Bhashyam Brooks, offers education from Nursery to X standard and follows the CBSE pattern of education. It provides a learning environment comprises the physical, social, and pedagogical context in which learning occurs.

An innovative environment supports strengths-based teaching and learning. It offers students and teachers flexibility, ubiquity and connectedness. The emphasis is on the overall development of the Student ready to face the global challenges while holding on firmly to the traditional Indian values.

Every student is talented and brimming with ideas. At Bhashyam, these ideas are received and given due consideration. After all, who knows, there could be a Venki Ramakrishnan or an Abdul Kalam hiding within! Blooms offers quality education that provides all learners with capabilities they require to become economically productive, develop sustainable livelihoods, contribute to peaceful and democratic societies and enhance individual well-being.

Working in an innovative learning environment where teaching and learning are collaborative, reflections and inquiries are shared, and communities engaged leads to a more robust, continuously improving community of practice.

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To get the very best from our young people, we aim at
  • Planning and managing resources with optimum utility.
  • Knowledge of the latest educational changes and implementation of the same.
  • Understanding issues and dealing with students and parents.
  • Highly-skilled teachers
  • Rigorous curriculum

These strengths will be optimally utilized for the institutional beliefs and vision. Research bent of mind will be an additional qualification to mobilize rational and inquisitive answers to the contradictions and decisions.